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Enhancing Opportunities

Empowering Lives Where we are... Ghana Peru
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Love What You Do.

We are here to encourage individuals to do what they love.
Our loan recipients are most likely to succeed when they love what they are doing.



Being able to succeed first requires learning how to succeed, that is why we have developed an educational, program taught by our trained interns.



Our program helps the growth of small businesses by providing resources that aren’t otherwise available. Wasatch Social Ventures focuses on return “customers.” After a loan is successfully repaid we want to do more work with our clients, this provides unlimited potential.

Where We Are

Our work is focused primarily throughout Peru and Ghana. We are excited for the growth we are seeing in these two countries, and look forward to seeing where the future takes Wasatch Social Ventures.

Improving Business

Through careful evaluation and business mentoring, our interns are able to help individuals gain access to funds that may otherwise be unattainable. Candidates are carefully evaluated and given responsibility to help other local recipients. What our interns do:

  • Teach a structured business preparation class.
  • Help mentor students on an individual basis.
  • Carefully select candidates for micro-loans.
  • Oversee the disbursement, and collection of micro-loans.
  • Do everything in their power to see each individual succeed in their pursuit of a better life.

About Us

Wasatch Social Ventures connects, supports, and inspires entrepreneurs, investors, and students to improve lives (the human condition) through access to credit and business education (market-based solutions). We achieve our mission by:

* Funding and mentoring entrepreneurs in impoverished communities

* Providing a platform for students to learn and teach small enterprise development

Wasatch Social Ventures | Empowering People

At Wasatch Social Ventures clients are given every tool to succeed and make their visions a reality. This animation illustrates how those we work with in Peru and Ghana can build their lives through our SEED program.

Help Wasatch Social Ventures

So you aren’t somebody who wants to live in Africa, or learn Spanish? That’s not a problem there are still plenty of ways you can help.

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